Sell your books through the History Victoria Bookshop




Our History Victoria Bookshop has both a physical presence at 239 A’Beckett St, Melbourne and an on-line presence through our website and is a valuable outlet for any and all publications which touch on Victorian history. We sell both hard-copy books and digital books (note that digital books have to be in PDF format not ePub or other formats).

We mostly sell books on consignment and you can download a Consignment Agreement  here. We usually ask for 3 copies for the bookshop.

However, if you are sending us 3 books for the bookshop, we ask you to kindly adding two more copies and make it 5.  The first extra copy is a donation to strengthen our collection of Victorian history – the largest and most important collection outside government bodies. The 2nd donation is a review copy – see below for more detail.

We are happy to sell books from other historical societies and have great success in helping these publications reach a wider readership.

The bookshop deducts a 30% commission on your RRP. Should there be demand for more copies the Royal Historical Society of Victoria will contact you to order more. At this point we will also ask you for an invoice.

If you are unsure about invoicing please read this document which explains how to invoice and what are the essential items needed on an invoice. If you need to complete a Statement by Supplier form you can download it from the ATO here

HOLSWORTH LOCAL HERITAGE GRANTS: Applications close 31 July each year

Each year, the Royal Historical Society of Victoria accepts applications for grants of up to $3,000 which are available for the publication of any specific or general local history or natural history in rural and regional Victoria. The grant is intended for small organisations with an interest in publishing works of historical value. For more information.


VICTORIAN COMMUNITY HISTORY AWARDS: Applications close in early July each year.

Each year, in partnership with Public Records Office Victoria (PROV) we run the Victorian Community History Awards – the eligibility period for projects runs from 1 Jul to the following 30 Jun – this means that a book should be published or an exhibition or app launched within that period. Applications for projects which will come to fruition between 1 Jul  and 30 Jun will open in about late March / early April of each year – and they close in early July.

The awards ceremony is held at the Victorian Arts Centre during History Month in October and the peak award is the Premier’s History Award. There are 10 different awards in total covering all aspects of community history. These awards are not just for published history but include podcasts, exhibitions, articles, oral history, multi-media presentations etc. The total prize money is close to $20,000.

For more information and entry forms.


We have 1,250+ members – 350 of which are other historical societies across Victoria which usually forward our newsletters to their members so our total reach is up to 20,000 history enthusiasts across Victoria. The community history movement in Victoria is strong and well organised. We have 4 regular avenues for publication:

  1. The Victorian Historical Journal (VHJ) which is a substantial peer-reviewed journal of articles, papers and long book reviews which comes out twice a year for our 1250+members. It is also digitally available through the State Library of Victoria website, Informit (University Libraries) and Web of Science (educational libraries). It also has a small subscription list of libraries across Australia and around the world. The editors choose the books to be reviewed. VHJ also accepts advertisements and articles for publication.
  2. History News is our 16 page newsletter which is delivered both electronically and / or in hard copy to our 1250+ members. This is published 6 times per year. History News carries both short book reviews and information about new titles to be found in our History Victoria Bookshop. All books on Victorian history (fully or partially on Victorian history) sent to us are reviewed in History News. Some are then chosen by the VHJ editors for longer reviews. History News also accepts advertising.
  3. Old News is our eBulletin which is a much more informal document that goes out to our members and other interested parties fortnightly. This does not carry book reviews however every edition has a spotlight on a new book /s in the bookshop. We will also do book giveaways for new publications.
  4. Social Media. We have a strong active presence on Facebook (currently ~5200+ followers and growing at 15%pa). Facebook is used to promote our events and services including books for sale through our History Victoria Bookshop. We use other social media including Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn though they have smaller followings. We find that different social media platforms suit different types of books.


We often hold very successful book launches at the RHSV. These can be private launches or can be opened up to our membership in which case they get publicised through our History NewsOld News and Facebook.




Don’t forget, when you publish, send us 5 copies – 1 for the collection, 1 for review and 3 for the bookshop. And then make sure you enter the Victorian Community History Awards.

And remember, finally, when you start researching your next book, that our Collection of Victorian history (manuscripts, maps, ephemera, books, images, objects etc) is the best place to start.

If you have any queries please contact Rosemary Cameron.