Australian Aboriginal History – Podcast Series

As Reconciliation Week 2020 comes to a close, we recognise the key role education plays in reconciliation. The RHSV is passionate about the preservation and promotion of Victorian (and Australian) history, as we recognise how understanding the past is a vital step towards a reconciled future.

With that in mind our president, Emeritus Professor Richard Broome, together with La Trobe University, has allowed us to reproduce Richard’s 2007 lecture series Australian Aboriginal History.

This 16 part podcast series provides listeners with insights into Australia’s Colonial past and makes First Nations history the dominant narrative. In doing so, it acknowledges the rights of our First Nations people to land and sea. It allows a wider audience to understand the impacts of government policies and frontier conflicts on First Nations people, and it embraces and celebrates the stories of Indigenous success and contribution.

“National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.” Reconciliation Australia

So each week, we will be bringing you a new lecture, complete with lecture notes and further resources (something the original podcasts lack) of Professor Richard Broome’s 2007 course HIS2/3AAH – Australian Aboriginal History for LaTrobe University.

We’d like to thank La Trobe University for kindly allowing us to reproduce the lecture, as we aim to share with the general public this important part of Australian History.

The lectures focus on Australia’s Aboriginal history, on how our colonial past has shaped current perceptions of our First Nations peoples, and how through key skills of research and conceptual analysis, history can help identify the wrongs of the past and contribute towards a reconciled future.

As the lectures are from 2007, some information may be superseded, and we welcome any feedback via

We would also like to advise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that this series contains images or names of people who have passed away.


LECTURE 1: Historians, Aboriginal Australia
LECTURE 2: The Nature of Frontier
LECTURE 3: Australian and European Meanings of Land
LECTURE 4: Possessing Australia
LECTURE 5: From Eora to Aboriginal People
LECTURE 6: Contexts of Early NSW Culture Contacts
LECTURE 7: The Frontier War
LECTURE 8: Nineteenth Century Missionaries
LECTURE 9: Aboriginal People in the Era of Protection
LECTURE 10 & 11: Discovering the Territory & Racial Ideas at Federation
LECTURE 12: The Pastoral World in the Northern Territory 1880-1970
LECTURE 13: From Rescued to Stolen. The Removal of Aboriginal Children
LECTURE 14: Managing Aboriginal People in the Territory to 1960s
LECTURE 15: Civil Rights to Indigenous Rights
LECTURE 16: Humour, Power, Colonialism and Aboriginal People