Don Gibb RHSV Prize in Australian History

To recognise the contribution of Don Gibb to student learning in History in Victoria, a prize will be awarded annually to the best student in Australian history at La Trobe University. The Gibb family has donated the corpus of this fund to the RHSV to ensure this is a perpetual prize in Don Gibb’s honour.

Don Gibb became a teacher in 1960 and joined the History Teachers Association’s committee, soon becoming president (1973-75). He sat on Victorian History curriculum and examination committees and published three textbooks for senior secondary students. In 1971 he became a lecturer in History at the Monash Teachers College and completed his MA at Melbourne University on Sandringham under Weston Bate. He later taught history at Deakin University, where he retired as an Associate Professor.  

Don was an RHSV Councillor from 1998‒2008, convenor of the Publications Committee for 11 years, and a judge of the Victorian Community History Awards for six years, and a former councillor of the Federation of Australian Historical Societies.  He began a training program for History undergraduates working on projects at the RHSV. He was an editor of Remembering Melbourne (2016). His Canterbury a History (2019) was published after his death in 2017, with the help of his RHSV colleagues.




Emma Humphries & Caitlin Thomas

George Ganitis

Eamonn Orr